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We use the Test to give you a personalized experience and advice - so fill it out- it will be worth it!

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At the end of the Test you will obtain a 3 Letter code so you can login anonymously and get your personalized advice.


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You will be able to virtually meet a mental health counselor - anonymously as need be.


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There is so much information out there - we will help you find the right tools and informations based on the quiz.


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We offer a wide range of daily activities tailored to your needs to reduce stress, anxiety and anger, which you can track on the app.


And so much more

We also have Group chats, where you can exchange anonymously. We have a collection of all the helpful tools out there. You can share your progress with your coach and have the option to set boundaries.


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Our service is encrypted and entirely anonymous. We work with health professionals to ensure adequate support, advice and tools.

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It's a very useful app. It helps me calm down even when I feel furious. My relationship with my partner already has improved.


Really happy with this app. I have particularly enjoyed the 30 Day challenge. I was exited to progress on my log while being less prone to anger.


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